Yoga harmonizes body, mind, and spirit and is also excellent for reducing anxiety levels and attitude toward life in general. This change of attitude marked by awareness and the practice of carpe diem has a healthy impact on the quality of the relationship. The practice of yoga as a couple also reduces the wall of the ego to create a team spirit.

Practicing couples yoga is also a very positive tool to have a better command of body language and have more effective communication with the couple. As well, yoga as a couple also brings self-esteem and self-confidence. Because physical contact is a source of health and well-being. Being in touch with the person you want through a practice like yoga also helps you feel more loved.

On the other hand, yoga not only unites you spiritually with your partner, but it also helps you solve problems in intimacy such as erectile dysfunction, pain during intercourse, or inability to feel orgasms. In addition, yoga ends with the distance or resentment that develops in the relationships of couples that have many years together. That is, it ends with the negative energy to reconnect the couple so that they feel comfortable in the intimacy.

Benefits of Practicing Couples Yog

1. Know Your Partner Better

The postures practiced together are a wonderful way to get to know our partner better: what he/she likes, and his/her sensitive area. They also allow you to develop trust and strengthen ties and communication, all in an open and delightful way.

2. Perceive What He or She Needs from You

By practicing postures with your partner, you will develop a better ability to perceive what he or she needs from you: for example, if it requires more support from you, or if you need more freedom in your movements.

3. Build Trust

Yoga as a couple is a wonderful way to strengthen communication and trust with your partner. In these practices, it is very common to hold positions where you have to give yourself completely and trust that he or she will give you all his/her support in the positions.

4. Learn Not to Take Things so Seriously

Practice as a couple is a constant invitation to laugh with your partner and play with the postures. In this way you learn not to take things so seriously and enjoy life, returning to the confidence in which you lived when you were a child and that we usually forget to become adults.

5. Experience How the Giving is Receiving

Generally in relationships, there is one person who receives more than the other and adopts patterns of behavior that do not allow us to explore new ways of relating. In the joint practice of yoga, both participants give themselves completely to the experience of giving and receiving, which creates a necessary balance in the relationship.

6. Learn to Communicate with Your Partner Without the Need for Words

Yoga means union and that is precisely what we seek when we have a relationship. Through the practice of yoga, we can build communication together at deeper levels, without the need for words, through contact with our body, breathing or touch.

Synchronized Breathing

Begin sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat or any comfortable mat or towel to sit on, with your backs recharged with each other. Rest your hands on your knees and at this moment allow yourself to feel the connection with each other. Begin to notice how your breath feels each time you inhale and exhale; Especially at the level of the thorax. Now breathe in alternately, while one inhales another exhale and vice versa, do it for 4 minutes. This is a very nice way to connect with each other, it will also help to inject circulation to the heart and improve breathing.

Alternate Rotation

Start with the same position as the first exercise. Legs crossed and back to back. Rest your hands on your knees and feel the connection again. Inhale and raise your arms at the same time toward the ceiling, stretching the spine at the same time. Exhale and turn each toward your right side, while putting your right hand on the left knee of the other. Hold the position for 5 slow and deep breaths, at the end of the fifth exhale and repeat now on the other side. This position accommodates the body causing a detoxification process.

Temple Pose

Stand face to face 1 meter away. Put your feet flat on the floor under your hips, inhale, raise your arms above your head and slowly begin to lower your torso towards your partner until the palms of your hands meet. Now lower more, folding your elbows and joining hands now, before your arms and elbows. The two should rest with the same weight and keep the chest and abdomen parallel to the floor. Hold for 7 breaths, then slowly go back up in the same way you went down. This will help open the shoulders and chest, filling the heart with energy.

Twin Trees

Start standing from side to side facing the same direction. Standing two feet apart, bring the palms on the same side and join them up. The unoccupied arm should be raised ballet-type. Begin each one to direct the whole weight of his body towards the foot that has the same side. Now draw with your body the position of the tree by bending the unoccupied leg and placing the foot in the groin. Maintain your balance for 7 breaths, rest, and repeat from the opposite side. Equilibrium positions improve concentration.

Double Dog

Begin with the table and pose one in front of another. Exhale and place the body now in the pyramid position (dog position in yoga). The forward person should slowly place their feet on the lower back of the other until they find a comfortable position. Communicate with each other while making the change. Hold for 7 breaths, then slowly undo the position. Repeat the contrary. This position will lengthen the spine improving its health of it.

Leg Stretch

Sitting and facing each other, extend your legs in a V without bending your knees, your feet should touch. Now one of you must pull the other’s arms in an opposite way by holding the forearms. Inhale and exhale slowly pulls without hurting. Exhale and return to the starting position and now the other way around. Hold for 5 breaths.

In conclusion, couples yoga will not only help you to get closer to that beloved, but also connect on several levels. If you can not practice yoga in your house, we recommend going to a couples yoga class or if you are one of those who are riskier, we invite you to go to a yoga retreat in Rishikesh.

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