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How to Increase Sexual Power

Sexual pleasure depends on many internal factors. These can be enhanced by activities that bring a significant amount of benefits to the body and mind, since in sex these two elements go in synchrony. Here are some of the reasons why yoga will help you improve your sexual health.

According to the philosophy of yoga. Sex is a natural biological function of the human body, whose purpose is to offer the satisfaction of sexual desire and sexual attraction between man and woman that seems to be vital to continue the human race.

Through different asanas (or yoga poses) and various yoga breathing techniques help us to redefine our sex life. It also helps us get rid of stress and learn to relax properly. Thus preparing our body for a healthy sex life and sexual relationships. Yoga makes a good influence on our sex life and on the curl. It makes us more elastic and feel more exactly the sexual desire at the time of the sexual act.

How to Increase Sexual Power

Benefits of Yoga for Sexuality

Yoga has many benefits for physical and mental health. Its help to exercise the body in a very special way and releasing emotional tensions. Also it is a discipline that contributes to improve sexual pleasure and enjoy a very intimate life more satisfactory. Among the main benefits of yoga for sexuality are the following:

1. It improves the blood circulation of the pelvic area and the genital area. In the case of men, it helps to have firmer and longer erections, and in women it improves the blood supply to the clitoris and, therefore, has a greater sensitivity at this erogenous point of the female body.
2. The levels of arousal, sexual desire and natural lubrication are increased.
3. By exercising the muscles of the whole body, there is a greater flexibility, which allows to move with more ease during sex.
4. It helps control emotions and lets you put aside stress, tensions and worries aside. This facilitates concentration during sex and only focuses on the sensations and pleasure of that moment.
5. It relaxes all muscles and frees them of tensions, which reduces the chances of suffering pain during sexual intercourse and increases the pleasure experienced making it easier to reach orgasm.

Lotus Posture

The best yoga postures to make love highlights the so-called lotus position. Go for it if you want to enjoy with your partner a session of romantic, sensual and very pleasurable sex.

To do the lotus posture, the man should sit cross-legged and the woman stand on top of him sitting on his lap, wrapping his waist with his legs and placing his feet against his buttocks. Thus, the woman can initiate penetration and control the rhythm and intensity of movements. Being face to face, this position of yoga allows you to enjoy a brutal physical contact and to enjoy with lots of kisses and caresses. It is perfect to enjoy an incredible synchronized orgasm and to improve sexual intercourse, thanks to which it allows to increase the flexibility of both the thighs and the hip.

Half Cobra Stance

Another of the positions of yoga to have sex that you can try is the posture of the medical snake. It is a position to have sex with the woman above, but in which the man must raise his pelvis and mark the rhythm of penetration from below.

To carry it out, the man should lie on his back on the bed. The woman will lie on her stomach, keeping her legs together and lifting her trunk slightly while using her forearms as a fulcrum. It is also a posture that can be used for women to practice oral sex with their partner.

With this yoga asana strengthens the back and spine. In addition to improving the flexibility of the muscles of the chest and neck.

Frog Posture

Do you want to enjoy a much deeper penetration? So, the frog posture is the option you need to get it. The woman should lie face down with her back to the man, she has to lean on her elbows and knees raising her butt. Then the man must kneel between the thighs of her partner, give his hands to her and lean slightly forward to start rear vaginal penetration. If you want to enjoy greater friction, the woman can cross the legs behind the man. So, he will experience a tight sensation in the maddening penis.

With the position of the frog, penetration is deep and it is possible to stimulate the female G-spot. Which will certainly accelerate the climax and intensify the orgasm. In addition, those who do enjoy anal sex can find in this position a good ally to enjoy this practice in a different and novel way.

Happy Baby Posture

The position of the beetle is another of the positions of yoga to make love with the man above. Being he who directs the movements during intercourse. It is a highly pleasant pose for both, as it also allows a deep penetration.

The woman should lie on her back, bend her knees to the abdomen. And with her hands grasp her feet to maintain her position. The man should stand on top of the woman leaning on his knees and hands and initiate penetration. To make the position more comfortable, the woman can leave her heels resting on his shoulders.

During sexual movements, the clitoris is stimulated and this makes the woman feel much more pleasure and can reach orgasm more quickly. It is not a recommended position for men with too large penises, as it is likely to cause discomfort in women.

With these positions we assure you that you will increase your sexual pleasure and you will enjoy more with your partner. Tell us your favorite yoga position for sex. And remember to share it with your social networks.