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Emilia and Anna – Ayurveda Retreat

Emilia and Anna were staying at Maa Yoga Ashram for an Ayurveda retreat. Check out their experience below:

—We’re doing a retreat, so it’s yoga in the morning. And then it’s three treatments a day. It’s mostly oil massage or a clay massage. Like, scrubbing the body, really nice. But yeah, it’s really, like, tough as well. Then we have the dripping, yeah, the oil dripping on the forehead. It’s really, really relaxing.

—Yeah, I nearly fell asleep.

—Mhm, I fell asleep every time, when she does it. It’s really nice. And then, it’s the steaming. So, this we have every day. Three treatments and two yoga lessons a day. And the yoga teachers are really kind, they are really caring and nice.

—The morning yoga is like, really slow and really nice. There’s the breathing thing and, it’s nice to wake up to. And then in the evening, it’s hard. It’s Ashtanga.

—Power, power yoga. The people working here are so kind, we have like our own kitchen. I’ve got a kitchen, organic food.

—There are loads of herbs around here in the garden.

—Yeah, the gardens and the rooms are really nice. The mattresses are really hard. But you know, that’s good. But in general, really kind people working here and the atmosphere is really nice. There’s always more people. We are like a group of six, staying here? Doing different things here. Two doing the yoga teacher training, we’re doing treatments. Then they have just the yoga, training, people want to come here and relax, it’s okay too. You get a really good vibe off it.

—Emilia and Anna

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