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Mark and Ella – Yoga Teacher Training

Ella and Mark came to Rishikesh with no idea of what they were going to do here; then they found Maa Yoga Ashram. Check out why they decided to stay for a yoga teaching course and the impact this experience has had in their lives:


—Welcome to Maa Yoga Ashram.

—My name is Mark.

—I’m Ella.

—We’re from Los Angeles, California.

—In the United States, and we just wanted to talk about our experience here at Maa Yoga Ashram. We had probably one of the most wonderful experiences throughout this trip. We’ve been travelling for three months around all types of different countries; all throughout Asia and when we landed in India we didn’t really know what we were gonna do. So we went to Rishikesh, not really knowing what we were going to do in Rishikesh and we happened to come to Maa Yoga Ashram. And it just so happened that they were doing a two hundred hour teacher program here; and the stars aligned and we signed up. It’s just been a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful experience throughout the whole time.

—It’s one of those experiences you won’t forget. I think Yogi Dr. Amrit Raj is building something pretty amazing here that’s gonna be reflected with his students througout everywhere they go after they are done doing their programs here. The staff here is wonderful.


—The food is amazing.

—So amazing.The best in India, really.

—And the view. You can’t really beat the view either here in Rishikesh, so…

—Yeah, the staff was absolutely wonderful, the accomodation, the room was really really comfortable. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and it was absolutely amazing. The cuts are amazing and everybody here was very welcoming, very cordial and it was nice!

—It was nice and we learned a whole lot too.

—We learned a lot about philosophy, yoga philosophy, happy yoga. It was very one-on-one so it was really intense. We worked a lot and it paid off. We got a really great experience here and I feel like I’m a better teacher after this program.

—Yeah, and you can learned a few things here that you may not be able to learn in other places. But you’l have to come here to check that out, so.

—All in all, great experience. We love everybody here at Maa Yoga Ashram. Thank you so much!


—Mark and Ella

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