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Ayurvedic Treatment Center In Rishikesh

Now, we are happy to announce our new Wellness Center In Rishikesh which offersAyurvedic Retreat in Rishikesh,Yoga Retreat In Rishikesh, andPanchakarma in Rishikesh.

Ayurveda Retreats, Courses & Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Under the guidance of Yogi Dr. Amrit Raj, Maa Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh offers:

  •   Yoga Retreats in India for Self-Transformation, Self-Realisation, and Inner Growth based on Spiritual Vedic.

  •   Intensive Ayurveda Courses, Ayurveda Retreats & Treatments, Panchakarma Therapy for healthy mind and body.

  •   200 Hour Personalized Yoga Teacher Training for beginners with RYT 200 certification (Yoga Alliance, USA).

  •   Best Accommodation And Activities - Free wi-fi service, follow proper Covid-19 guidelines, daily sanitization, spacious rooms

Yoga Meditation Retreat in India

Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh

Maa Yoga Ashram’s Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh, India, aims to help you grow into your better self by bringing you harmony and bliss. We believe in what we do and we put all of our love into it.

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Yoga Teacher Training in India

Residential Yoga Teacher Training in India

Maa Yoga Ashram offers professional and wonderful Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India, from beginner to advanced level yoga practitioners who wish to take this step.

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Ayurveda Retreats in Rishikesh

Ayurveda Retreats in India

Welcome to the beginning of a profound transformation in your life, with Maa Yoga Ashram’s Ayurveda Retreats! Come and join us for an experience that will definitely transform your…

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Ayurveda Treatments in India

Ayurvedic & Panchakarma Treatments India

Dr. Amrit Raj gives consultations on various health problems; taking into consideration your individual constitution by pulse diagnosis and other methods and then prescribes the required,

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Ayurveda Courses in Rishikesh

Ayurveda Courses in Rishikesh

Interested in being an Ayurveda Practitioner? Maa Yoga Ashram’s Ayurveda Course will train you with the basic knowledge and understanding to use Ayurveda both on yourself and on others. Join us!

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Yoga Courses for Beginners India

Yoga Courses for Beginners in India

Maa Yoga Ashram offers intensive yoga courses for beginners in Rishikesh. This program has been merged with yoga retreats and the fee of INR 25699 includes single room accommodation and meals.

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Ayurveda Treatment Center in India - Arogyadham

  • Chronic Diseases
  • Infertility (Male & Female)
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Blood Pressure
  • Migraine
  • Joint Pains
  • Panchakarma
  • Alcohol & Drug De-Addiction
  • Asthma (COPD)
  • Allergy
  • Psoriasis
  • Obesity
  • Depression
  • Heart Problems

Maa Yoga Ashram is associated with Arogyadham Global Aids Research Foundation (AGARF), an NGO, which is involved in the R&D of more than 900 herbs for the treatment of various chronic diseases. This NGO is recognized by the Govt. of India (Ministry of Finance & Ministry of Science) u/s 35 - 1 & 2 for research purposes. AGARF is also registered with the FCRA (Ministry of Home Affairs - Govt. of India).

Our Team at Maa Yoga Ashram Rishikesh

Ayurveda Doctor in India

Dr. Rakesh Agarwal

Ayurvedic Doctor

Ayurveda Female Doctor in India

Dr. Neelam Agarwal

Ayurvedic Doctor

Dr. Amrit Raj

E-RYT 500
Yogi Doctor Amrit Raj

Yoga & Ayurveda Programs

Ayurveda Doctor Rishikesh, India

Doctor Arjun Raj

Yoga & Ayurveda Programs

Our goal is long-term happiness that comes from a healthy body, mind, and spirit, which leads to contentment and fulfilling life. Maa Yoga Ashram, founded in 2010, has a lineage of over 100 years in healthcare and is headed by Yogi Dr. Amrit Raj, who is a fourth-generation qualified Ayurvedic doctor and a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, USA.

Dr. Amrit Raj traveled extensively to various parts of the world including the USA and UK, to spread the knowledge of yoga and Ayurveda. His unique and holistic approach to wellness comprises elements of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Panchakarma. Yogi Dr. Amrit Raj is an honorary visiting professor at the Dinacharya Ayurvedic Institute in New York.

Besides India, Dr. Raj has given lectures and classes at the United Nations and has offered stress-management yogic techniques to oncologists in the USA. At his ashram in India, Dr. Raj provides consultation services and ayurvedic therapies to help cure chronic and lifestyle diseases.

One Day Packages At Maa Yoga Ashram

Yoga & Ayurveda

➢ Yoga Meditation Retreat INR 4999/Day
➢ Ayurveda Retreats INR 5999/Day
➢ Detox Panchakarma Treatment INR 3499/Day
➢ Ayurveda Consultation INR 1499/Day

Daily Drop-in Classes

➢ Yoga Drop-in Class INR 500
➢ Guided Meditation Drop-in Class INR 500
➢ Pranayama Meditation INR 500
➢ Ayurveda Organic Cooking INR 999

Indian Culture & Ayurvedic Herbals

➢ Vedic Hindu Wedding Ceremony INR 59,999
3 Yoga Nidra Scripts

Benefits of 3 Yoga Nidra Scripts

Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning “union” and Nidra means “dream.” Therefore, in Yoga Nidra, the mind of the individual, the body, and the intellect are in a complete state of relaxation.

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5 Yoga Ways That Can Help You Relax and Calm Down

Yoga ways to relax and calm down

5 yoga ways to combat stress, which are very easy to put into practice. These types of exercises can be carried out occasionally although it is also worth practicing yoga as often as possible.

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5 Amazing Benefits of Ayurveda

5 Amazing Benefits of Ayurveda

Maa Yoga Ashram offers intensive yoga courses for beginners in Rishikesh. This program has been merged with yoga retreats and the fee of INR 25699 includes single room accommodation and meals.

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Affordable and Luxurious

Join Our Retreat Programs In Rishikesh, India

  • 1 Day RetreatINR 5,999
  • 3 Days RetreatINR 17,997
  • 7 Days RetreatINR 39,999
  • 14 Days RetreatINR 79,999

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