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Welcome to the beginning of a profound transformation in your life.

Welcome to our Ayurveda Retreats!



Ayurveda, the ancient Indian Holistic Medicine, is prevention-oriented, free from harmful side-effects and capable of treating disease at its source.

It can legitimately claim to be both scientific and truly holistic. It employs 20 systematic approaches to health from the perspective of mind, body, behavior and environment.

These therapies do not conflict with either conventional or complementary methods, so they can be successfully employed alongside other systems of healing if desired.

The basic Ayurvedic philosophy is that the whole universe consists of five elements: air, fire, water, earth and ether. Ayurvedic Medicine believes that the well-being of humans at any given moment has strong bearing on the quality, quantity, and configural pattern of these elements.

An analysis of this pattern can give accurate insight into the metabolism of the person and facilitate faster recovery from ailments. The extended agenda of Ayurveda is to prevent the onset of imbalance altogether.

Ayurveda Retreats in Rishikesh, IndiaThe director of our Ayurveda Retreat is Yogi Dr. Amrit Raj, a 4th generation Ayurvedic Doctor and certified yoga 500 teacher with a deep commitment to helping people attain a balanced mind, body and spirit so that equilibrium can be established and optimal health and happiness can be achieved.
The power of Yogi Dr. Amrit Raj’s approach to health is that it looks beyond the changing physical structure of the human body to the value of intelligence that directs and orchestrates this continuous flow of matter. You will definitely feel this during your Ayurveda Retreat.

Ayurveda Retreats – Our Clinic

We offer Ayurveda Life Style consultation, Ayurveda detoxification therapies like Panchakarma, Shirodhara, one on one Yoga sessions, one-on-one meditation sessions, one-on-one Chakra balancing sessions: For ailments such as:

  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Tension and Psychological problems.
  • Joints pains, Arthritis, Backache, Spondylitis and Rheumatic problems.
  • Asthma, Allergy, Chronic Cough, Flu, Sinusitis and Respiratory problems.
  • Sexual dysfunctions like Premature Ejaculation and lack of Libido.
  • Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypo or Hyper Thyroid and Hormonal problems.
  • Obesity and Metabolic disorders.
  • Headache, Migraine, Acidity and Digestion problems.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Chronic Fatigue syndrome.
  • Skin, Nail and Hair problems.
  • Pediatric and Gynecological problems.

Our Ayurveda Retreats are also for any healthy human being that wants to improve its health, detoxify its body and have more energy.

Foremost among the methods of Yogi Dr. Amrit Raj teaches the techniques which allows the conscious mind – human intelligence – to identify itself with its source in nature’s intelligence. This ensures that a nourishing, healing influence is always generated through the mind-body connection.

All of the food prepared on site is made following Ayurvedic principles from family recipes using only the best ingredients. Every detail counts, in fact, even the milk served in our delicious Chai and used in cooking is fresh from the family farm in nearby Muzaffarnagar.

Physical Principles: Vata, Pitta & Kapha Doshas

On the physical level, Ayurveda understands the body in terms of three basic principles or ‘doshas’ – Vata, Pitta, Kapha – that underlie all bodily processes. Balance of the doshas promotes health and well-being. When imbalances in the doshas go uncorrected, illnesses results. The dominant dosha in an individual determines that person’s body type, which in turn determines which diseases they are susceptible to. Ayurveda uses systematic methods, including Arogyadham pulse diagnosis, to evaluate the balance of the doshas and prescribe a health program suited to the individual.

Food for Thought

Yogi Dr. Amrit Raj includes in the Ayurveda Retreat, a complete and unique science of nutrition, recognising the importance of the individual’s capacity for digesting and assimilating food and providing a valuable understanding of differences in dietary requirements according to age, constitutional type and individual health needs. The influence of the seasons and time of day are also taken into account in nutrition at the Ashram.

The Maa Yoga Ashram approach to healthy eating teaches how to get in touch with the body’s real needs regarding food intake and also how to achieve maximum satisfaction and enjoyment from the food we eat. The focus is not merely on what to eat, but rather on when and how to eat.

The body’s powerful weight and appetite regulating mechanisms are able to function normally. The Maa Yoga Ashram approach to effortless weight-loss can help everyone achieve healthier, more enjoyable eating. For those who are too heavy, weight reduction in our Ayurveda Retreats, is just an added albeit welcome advantage.

Restorative Medicine

Yogi Dr. Amrit Raj’s herbal preparations make use of the balancing power of the whole plant or combination of plants in order to promote healing without side-effects. The classical Ayurvedic texts list many hundreds of Rasayanas -sophisticated herbal and mineral preparations for strengthening immunity and preventing ageing.

Special Herbal Preparations found at Maa Yoga Ashram enhance the efficiency of the immune system and to be effective in preventing platelet aggregation – potentially a very important effect for the prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

These herbs have wide-ranging benefits for well-being and leads to improvement in perceptual abilities that tend to deteriorate with age.



Our all inclusive Yoga & Ayurveda Retreats include:


Initial Consultation:Ayurveda Practitioner

Adhering to the highest professional standards and working with integrity, Dr. Raj will perform an individual consultation at the beginning of your Ayurveda Retreat. The consultation process takes into consideration individual constitution by pulse diagnosis and other methods.









Specific-Individual-Treatment at Ayurveda Retreats in Rishikesh, IndiaSpecific Individual Treatment:

In our Ayurveda Retreat you will have a tailored made treatment program created based on your initial consultation with Dr. Raj. Ayurvedic Treatments are performed by scientific, authentic and systematic methods.






Daily Practice of Yoga at Ayurveda Retreats in Rishikesh, India
Daily Practice of Yoga:

A Healthy Body and Mind is not just about
what we put in our mouths or the medical treatment we can receive. It also comes from movement and breathing. Everythig is in constant motion after all. That’s why in our Ayurveda Retreats, we also have 2 Daily Yoga classes, so you can feel all the benefits of your staying.





Daily Panchakarma Treatment - Ayurveda Retreats in Rishikesh, IndiaDaily Panchakarma Treatment Program: 

Panchakarma is the detoxification process which removes toxins from their sites of origin for cleansing, purification and detoxification of the body. Panchakarma treatments are both powerful preventive medicine for those already in good health and highly effective in treating those with specific ailments. That’s why in our Ayurveda Retreats, Panchakarma is a key component.







Some of the Benefits of Panchakarma:

  • Eliminates toxic conditions from the body and mind.
  • Restores your unique constitutional balance.
  • Improves health and wellness.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Improves energy and vitality.
  • Improves functioning of sensory and motor organs.
  • Creates brilliance and luster of complexion.
  • Accelerates recovery from mental and physical disorders.
  • Induces deep relaxation.


6:30 amGanesha Aarti
7:30 am – 9:00 amYoga
9:00 amBreakfast
10:00 am – 11:00 amMeditation
11:00 am – 01:00 pmAyurvedic Treatments
1:00 pmLunch
3:00 pm – 4:00 pmPranayama
4:00 pm – 5:30 pmYoga
6:00 pmDinner
7:00 pmGanesha Aarti

During our Yoga Retreats, Mantras will be taught and chanted and time for personal meditation is available throughout the day.
Packages include Organic, Ayurvedic, sattvic (upon request), vegetarian, and very tasty meals!

Listen to what they say about our Ayurveda Retreats:


3 Days Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat
Personalized Consultation with Dr. Raj
Daily Panchakarma Treatment
2 Yoga Classes a Day
Organic Ayurvedic & Delicious Meals
3 Days Yoga & Ayurvedic Treatments
Lovely & Happy Environment
Optional Activities**
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5 Days Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat
Personalized Consultation with Dr. Raj
Daily Panchakarma Treatment
2 Yoga Classes a Day
Organic Ayurvedic & Delicious Meals
5 Days Yoga & Ayurvedic Treatments
Lovely & Happy Environment
Optional Activities**
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7 Days Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat
Personalized Consultation with Dr. Raj
Daily Panchakarma Treatment
2 Yoga Classes a Day
Organic Ayurvedic & Delicious Meals
7 Days Yoga & Ayurvedic Treatments
Lovely & Happy Environment
Optional Activities**
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* Optional Activities: Swimming in the Ganges. Rafting. Bungy Jumping. Visit to the Beatles Ashram. Enjoying around Rishikesh in the Markets, Coffee and Organic Shops. Vashisht Cave. Visit the nearby towns of Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula and many other activities.

*** YOU ARE WELCOME TO STAY AT THE ASHRAM FOR AS LONG AS YOU NEED. THE DURATION OF THE PROGRAMS shown in the table ARE FOR REFERENCE ONLY. Feel free to apply to get our professional guidance as each person will have different results depending in your own personal needs.