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Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh

"Maa Yoga Ashram has a warm and peaceful atmosphere. My Ayurveda retreat here was truly relaxing. The delicious organic food, beautiful natural landscapes, and cultural outings relieved my stress and energized me. The soothing therapies, including oil massages and steam sessions, were really comforting. I highly recommend Maa Yoga Ashram for a nourishing and memorable Ayurveda retreat experience."

- Elana Sztokman (Europe)

"My one-week stay at Maa Yoga Ashram during my Ayurvedic treatment was truly refreshing. The Ashram is full of positive energy and has a warm and friendly community. The ancient style of Ashram creates a peaceful and calming atmosphere for relaxation. During my stay, I was able to immerse myself in the Ashram's Ayurvedic lifestyle. I tried organic vegan food and got to enjoy Shirodhara therapy, which completely healed my migraine and insomnia problems. I would gladly return in the future to get a relaxing experience."

- Jaspreet Singh Sodi (Punjab, India)

"My 7-day yoga and meditation retreat at Maa Yoga Ashram was transformational! I was new to yoga, and the trainers were really patient with me. The meditation and yoga sessions created a newfound sense of self within me. The Ashram's environment was calming and pure, which inspired me to live a healthy lifestyle. The spirit here is very positive. I learned several methods to stay grounded and peaceful from the inside. Other people staying at the retreat were also lovely and inspirational. I thoroughly enjoyed my retreat and felt rejuvenated."

- Alyssa Seibert (Germany)

"My yoga retreat at Maa Yoga Ashram was one of the best experiences of my life. I joined in for a 7-day yoga retreat, during which we went to several exciting places. I enjoyed the adventure sports tour the most!! I loved the Bungee Jump! And river rafting was great too! We also went to see the grand Lakshman Jhula. We also went to some cultural events like the Ganga Arti and local attractions. And yes, I also witnessed the International Yoga Day event!! It had been a thrilling, memorable, and worthwhile experience for me. I will surely visit Maa Yoga Ashram for another retreat in my next holidays."

- Gaurav Jindal (Haryana, India)

"I received my 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training from Maa Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh. I have visited many places for yoga, but this Ashram stands out with its unique and well-defined yoga style that cannot be found anywhere else. They are inspired by old ashram principles, which can be seen in their teaching practices, services, and even the food they serve. My yoga gurus were highly experienced and patient. They gave us personalized training according to our skill level, which truly helped me grow and improve my yoga skills. I am glad to join Maa Yoga Ashram for my Yoga teacher training."

- Nishant Bhatnagar (Uttar Pradesh, India)

"I took a 2-week beginner Ayurveda course from Maa Yoga Ashram, which provided me a good introduction to the Ayurvedic lifestyle. I learned about the role of natural herbs in healing diseases. I also learned how to make Ayurvedic food balanced with essential nutrients. I also learned about the doshas, which allowed me to know about my own personality. This course was really insightful and relaxing as well. This experience made me eager to learn more about Ayurveda, so I will take the advanced course from Maa Yoga Ashram, too!!"

- Priya Das (Bengal, India)

Maa Yoga Ashram

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