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Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh

"Dr. Amrit's attentive and kind nature at Maa Yoga Ashram made for a warm and wonderful atmosphere. The delicious organic food, peaceful environment, and relaxing daily treatments, including oil massages and steam sessions, were all truly amazing. I highly recommend it for a nourishing and memorable experience."

- Elana Sztokman

"My stay at Maa Yoga Ashram was truly an awesome experience. The ashram is full of positive energy and waves that create a peaceful and calming atmosphere for relaxation. During my one-week stay, I was able to immerse myself in the ashram's ayurvedic lifestyle fully and would gladly return in the future. I am deeply grateful to Yogi Dr. Amrit Raj for providing such a pleasant and memorable stay."

- Jaspreet Singh Sodi

"Maa Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh is an amazing place with a very good and fantastic environment that is full of positivity. I have visited many places for yoga, but this ashram stands out with its unique and well-defined style, which cannot be found anywhere else. It truly is a new generation of yoga practice that I highly recommend."

- Gaurav Jindal

"This is a wonderful place to visit, with a homely atmosphere that I found particularly enjoyable during my stay. If you're looking to escape city life's chaos and seek peace, this is definitely the place to go. During my stay, I also spent time near the holy river Ganga. My experience was very peaceful. Thanks A lot, Maa Yoga Ashram!"

- Nishant Bhatnagar

"My wife and I visited this excellent place and were delighted with the experience. The location near Ganga beach and waterfalls in the foothills of the Himalayas provided a refreshing environment. For me, yoga classes and treatments were absolutely relaxing, and the ashram offered 100% organic food, which was great. In the evenings, we enjoyed a live Tabla and sitar performance during dinner, creating a very serene atmosphere. Overall, we had a wonderful time and would highly recommend this place to others."

- Rohit Sharma

"I stayed at Maa Yoga Ashram for two months. During the first month, I completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training course, which was an excellent experience. Though at that time, I was only one student, I enjoyed individualized attention that greatly enhanced my learning. In the next month, I attended the Ayurveda practitioner course, which provided a good introduction of the Yogic lifestyle. I also learned how to make Ayurvedic food, which was a fun experience. I was there in clean air, and the healthy food helped to detoxify my body naturally. Thank You for the enjoyable experience."

- Amit Kumar

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