Frustrated by Your Hair Loss and Need a Quick Solution?

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Frustrated By Your Hair Loss And Need A Quick Solution

Yes, we are talking about hair fall. The occurrence of hair loss is a common biological condition. Well, the case of baldness is most likely to have a common effect on male gender rather than female gender.

There is a statistical report that shows the figure, where 85% of the adult males are suffering from baldness.

The impact of hair loss is beyond anything nowadays. A good hairstyle can boom your personality both in personal as well as professional fronts.

People feel depressed about the sudden hair fall from their head. They have a deep concern about their appearance and feel less confident when suffering from this common condition.

What About The Condition Of The Female’s Hair Loss?

Females are also found themselves under the same impression.

Leaving a shock of hair in their bedside is a regular nightmare, each woman bears every day.

Even our entertainment industry shows this problem in a bigger picture. Surface the struggle of a man and women suffering from hair loss or permanent baldness.

It may look like a common topic of gossip. But, The problem of hair fall is not something you take too lightly.

How Can Maa Yoga Ashram Help You In That?

Our ayurvedic doctors of Maa Yoga Ashram has successfully developed an ayurvedic treatment course for hair problem solution. It will help you regain your hair back on the top. With no side effects, our team of doctors can make your hair grow again at a healthy rate.

Before drawing a solution, we have to find out the cause of the problem.

What Causes The Condition Of Hair Loss?

There is not a single focal point, where we put our attention to know the root cause of hair loss.

It could be related to three main factors.

Biological, social and environmental.

All these factors can be responsible for your partial or permanent hair loss.

Biological Factors For Hair Loss

Many biological factors resulted in hair loss. Here are a few.

  • The first one making its way to the list is genetics. Genes play a vital role in making in causing you partial baldness. If your family (Especially your mother and father) have a long history of hair fall problem. Then there is a high percentage that you will too suffer from the same.
  • The second one is hormonal imbalance. Your hormones work as a catalyst that regulates the growth of your hair to a certain extent.
  • The hormone that improves your hair growth is DHT or dihydrotestosterone.
  • But, the excessive amount of DHT can put a negative impact on your hair growth.
  • Making them thin and shrink from a particular area of your head.
  • The third one is the auto-immune diseases. The human immune system is like a fortress. Protect us from several harmful bacteria. But sometimes, the phenomena is called by the name of auto-immune diseases.
  • The reason is still unknown. This disease can harm your different parts of your body. But in the case of hair, this called by the name of alopecia areata. This diseases can cause you hair loss in small patches all over your body. This diseases can give you an emotional trauma of losing your hairs.

Social Factors For Hair Loss

  • Lifestyle- Sometimes unintentionally you put your hairs in danger. In the process of making your hairstyle look good, you damage your hair.
  • Hair gels can perfectly fit into this. These gels contain chemicals that dehydrate your hair and scalp, resulting in regular loss of hair in a continuous period.
  • Negligence- This can be a poster on the wall that you ignores regularly. Not taking care of your hair is the biggest mistake you have done. Providing time to time nourishment to your hair is the basic rule. And by ignoring that can make you look like a bald person.

Environmental Factors For Hair Loss

  • There are several things in your surroundings. Dust, pollution, weather type is some examples of the conditions that can be a reason for your loss of hairs.
  • The pollutants of the dust can get stuck within the hair follicles, resulting in damaging the follicles and leading to damage to hair roots and thus loss of hair.

The Hair Problem Solution

Our Ayurvedic doctors will address your problem of loss of hair by several herbal formulations like Sesamum Indicum, Citrullus Colocynathis Schrad, Centella Asiatica Linn, Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Linn, Lawsonia Infermis Linn, Eclipta Alba Hassk, Cocos Nucifera etc.

And make you believe that your hair can grow and shine again like a ray of sun.

The Cost

The price of our ayurvedic treatment is rational and comes under your budget. A price like this can give you happiness that you have waiting for a very long time.


hair loss

Need To Grow Your Hair Again

Whatever the reason is for your loss of hair. We ensure you will have a group of healthy hair by our Ayurvedic treatment.

Maa Yoga Ashram is an ayurvedic treatment center in Rishikesh. The center also provides 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh, 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. It is 100 years old and helps people with a proper diet plan, therapies and exercises, our ayurvedic doctors will make your body good to go. Reducing excessive fat and making your body clean with the proper balance of energies within you is what our Ayurvedic practice is all about.

You can Contact Us via call on +91-8433005197

Or email us at anytime to know more and more about this.

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