How to Control Diabetes with Yoga

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How To Control Diabetes With Yoga

As the world progresses towards new technologies and inventions, our lifestyle takes a backseat in all this. It is saddening but true. While moving with the technological world, we often forget our health. Everyone is so busy with work or family jobs that they do not look at their body health. For example, we take the help of elevators instead of using stairs for even two floors above. Also, we do not walk even for a little gastric tissue of the abdomen instead of taking antacid tablets. Gradually, numerous diseases make their home inside our bodies, and we start becoming a slave of packets full of medicines.

Now, we can see articles in newspapers about people suffering from many lethal diseases. As the same, there is a disease called diabetes. It deeply causes harmful effects on body cells. It happens when the body’s sugar level keeps on increasing. It comes under the chronic level of diseases, which means it will be a long-lasting health condition. It slowly makes a sufferer weak and prone to many other diseases. Now, what to do? The one big boon to society to cure many lethal diseases is Yoga and healthy lifestyle habits. It has the power to treat the body’s inner cells through the daily practice of a few poses. It has a miraculous effect on several chronic diseases, especially diabetes. There are several yoga poses that are beneficial in the treatment for diabetes. To give you a brief idea about them, we have mentioned certain poses, especially for diabetic patients.

Mandukasana Yoga

It is also called the Frog pose. A person has to make his body posture like a frog. Any age group can practice this, whether you are an adult, a kid, or an old man/woman. It is a perfect pose or asana to start with if you are a beginner in practicing Yoga. Mandukasana is well known to cure diabetes. While you do this pose, it gives a bit of stretch in the pancreas which later promotes the release of insulin. That is why diabetic patients should include this in their daily routine.

Steps of Mandukasana

  • Sit in a comfortable position in Vajrasana.
  • Make a fist of both of your hands and close it. Now, clench your fist and press it with your thumb inside the fingers.
  • With both of your clenched fists, press your navel and bend in the forward direction.
  • You have to hold your breath when bending forward and looking straight.
  •  Try to be in the position for a few minutes. Hold it as long as you can. Now, inhale and come backward in the starting pose.
  • Try to practice this three to four times per day.

Purvottanasana Yoga

It is always called an upward plank pose. This pose can be a bit difficult if you are very heavyweight. It is just the opposite of the plank pose. In this yoga asana, you have to stretch your body. People also know this as a backbend pose or reverse plank pose. In this, you lift your front body towards the sky; this gives you a boost of positivity because your heart is facing the sun, which is a source of light and positive energy. While performing this, you do the upward lift of your body and this helps in stretching your abdomen part, were close to it other organs like the pancreas also get stress, this is good for the proper functioning of the pancreas, and this benefit makes this asana a very good pose for the people who are suffering from diabetes.

Steps of Purvottanasana

  • First of all, relax your body.
  • Now, get yourself into the staff pose, also called Dandasana.
  • Carefully keep your hands behind your hips; your fingertips should face in the direction of your feet.
  • Now, slowly bend your knees and keep your feet on the floor.
  • There should be a hip-width gap in between the feet.
  • Slowly breathe out and lift your hips. Your feet should be in a way that makes it look like they are parallel to your shoulders.
  • Your arms should be very straight while performing this.
  • You have to raise your chest upward and carefully roll your shoulders onto your back.
  • Permit your head to hang in the behind position.
  • Make sure you are in the pose for at least five to six breaths.
  • Lastly, lower down your body and get yourself in the first pose.
  • Perform the asana three to five times.

Paschimottanasana Yoga

It is also called a forward bend pose. It is the asana that is best to stretch the back muscles. If you perform it daily, it will give you a flexible body. Do not do this pose if you have any hand or back injuries. This pose can increase your back strength and also help in reducing body fat. This pose helps a person to improve the functions of the pancreas and renal system. This pose enhances the functioning of the pancreas in a smooth manner. It also helps in achieving mental relief and peace. It is perfect for relieving menstrual pain and cramps.

Steps of Paschimottanasana

  • First, sit on the floor in the Dandasana pose. Your legs should be straight.
  • Raise your hands above your head and inhale while keeping your spine up.
  • You have to stretch your arms while lengthening your spine.
  • Now, when you exhale, gradually bend towards your toes.
  • Perform it only as much as possible.
  • Your chest should move towards your thighs.
  • Be in the position for at least some seconds.
  • Breathe very slowly.
  • When you are up to get out from this position, then move back in the initial pose.

Pawanmuktasana Yoga

This one pose is also well known as gas release posture. It simply means that it helps in clearing the digestive system. It is also proven very good in stretching the back and neck. It also increases the blood circulation in all the internal organs. If anyone has constipation issues, it is best to get over this. It is suitable for the reproductive organs of women. This asana gives a calming effect to your central nervous system, which is good to get over any kind of stress and mental pain, and later on also gives a relief in diabetes. If you want to reduce abdominal fat, practice it every day.

Steps of Pawanmuktasana

  • Relax your body and lie down back on the floor or the yoga mat. Hold your legs and bend your body inwards with your arms.
  • Now you have to do the inhalation.
  • You should do the exhalation while you bring your right knee in your chest direction, and during this, press your thighs on your abdomen with your hands.
  • Here comes the central part: try to lift your head upward, and the chest should also follow the same thing. Try to touch your chin with the right knee.
  • Hold on to this position for a few seconds. Keep breathing in and out.
  • Now, completely exhale and come back to the initial position.
  • Be calm and relaxed.
  • Do the pose again with the left leg, and then do it with both legs.
  • Do at least three to five repetitions.

Adho Mukha Svanasana Yoga 

It is also called Parvatasana. Many people know it as a forward-bending asana. It also has a widespread name which is the downward dog pose. It comes in the 5th and 8th steps of Surya Namaskar. This asana is perfect and beneficial to stretch your body, and it also helps in the growth of bones effectively. It has the capacity the improvement of blood circulation. It also gives strength to your lungs, which makes it best to smoothen the respiratory system.

If you have extra fat deposited in your body, this position is best for you. It tones your thighs, calves, shoulders, and back. If you have a bit of stiffness in your shoulders, you must start practicing this asana. This asana keeps the sugar level under control, it is good to not increase the diabetic level. For a person who is on insulin injections, then performing this pose daily for at least 5 to 10 minutes can improve the case too much extent naturally. Many people have experienced that this asana has the ability to cure diabetes permanently.

Steps of Adho mukha svanasana

  • Stand straight, and your feet should be together. Keep your hands to the side of the body. Your big toes and heels shoes touch each other a bit. Now, relax and try to take deep breaths to calm yourself down.
  • Now, kneel on the floor or the yoga mat. Now, incline forwardly and place your hands on the floor and right under your shoulders. Keep at least the hip-width distance between your knees. Also, your hands should align with the knees. And your shoulders should be in alignment with the wrists.
  • Press your hands into the ground, exhale while lifting the hips, and knees should be taken away from the floor. Take 2-3 breaths.
  • Now, keep both of your elbows and knees and heels touching the ground. Your ears should touch the inner arms. For stretching your body, look at the navel now. It is the last position where you feel an intense stretch in your legs. Be in the position for some time or as long as you can. Keep taking breaths and relax.
  • Repeat this asana at least four times in one session. Keep practicing it every day.




All the above-mentioned yoga asanas are best for diabetic patients. Yoga guarantees that diabetes can be controlled by performing certain poses every day. With proper practice, yoga asanas can increase your chances to live more and be healthy. If you or anyone you know is suffering from a high sugar level disease, they should start practicing Yoga every day in the morning empty stomach. It would be best if you practice yoga under a certified yoga trainer.

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