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Benefits of Hot Yoga

In warm yoga sessions, ambient temperature, heat, and humidity are set to replicate the tropical Indian climate. With the introduction of hot yoga, the efficiency and results of practising yoga in colder countries have increased considerably.

Hot yoga is a form of Bikram Yoga and is practiced only in certified studios around the world. Hot yoga requires maximum training from a person while maintaining the body’s temperature level. So, choose a hot yoga studio that is certified.

Who Can Do Hot Yoga?

It is recommended for those who want to do yoga specifically to lose weight but can be practiced by practically anyone. However, hot yoga involves doing 26 asanas in a heated room, which requires a certain level of physical fitness and heat tolerance.

Bikram Yoga may not be the style for you if you tend to dehydrate easily, because most Hot Yoga instructors do not allow students to stop drinking and rehydrate whenever they want. Some set deadlines for “water breaks” to maximize training results.

Benefits Of Hot Yoga

1. Increase Blood Circulation

It works out by increasing a person’s body temperature. In this way, stretching the muscle becomes easier. With rapid body warming and easy muscle stretching, you can safely enter all yoga positions.

2. Increases Flexibility

Yoga has to do with flexibility, but many beginners find it very difficult to stretch their bodies when they are introduced to yoga. Instead of regulating yoga positions, if a person practices hot yoga, he can quickly achieve flexibility. This yoga tones your muscles and gives you the energy to stretch better. It also increases the flexibility of blood vessels by accelerating your metabolism and pulse rate.

3. Eliminate Toxins

This yoga can quickly remove toxins from a person’s body. Hot yoga consists of 26 primary yoga postures that are specifically designed to sprout unwanted body toxins. In this practice, people tend to sweat excessively, thus eliminating excess salts in the body.

4. Regulate Breathing

Those who are obese face a lot of breathing problems. Not only obese people but also others who are facing the danger of developing cardiovascular diseases also tend to develop respiratory problems. Yoga with the added element of heat increases the blood circulation in a person’s body to streamline their breathing process.

5. Improve Body Strength and Endurance

This yoga has a direct impact on muscles. The more you stretch your muscles, the more resistance your body will build. In this way, muscle toning becomes easier and effortless. Certain hot yoga postures focus mostly on the spine, neck, shoulders, and thighs increasing the strength of a person’s body.

6. Improves the Back

For those suffering from chronic back pain, hot yoga is highly recommended them. Certain hot yoga postures are meant to increase spine strength. They keep the spine straight and relieve back pain.

7. Improve Focus

Mental stability can be achieved by practising this type of yoga for more than 8 weeks regularly. Besides, yoga sessions are a proven method to relieve a person from depression and stress.

8. Helps Heal Faster

The healing and recovery processes can be done faster and more effectively with hot yoga classes. This yoga can be of great help to athletes.

9. Helps Reduce Weight

Hot yoga is a recommended exercise to reduce weight faster. Instead of just focusing on reducing muscle weight, hot yoga also reduces the resulting body weight due to fat buildup. Losing weight by reducing body fat can give you permanent relief from obesity and other weight-related health problems.

10. Leave Your Skin Radiant and Flawless

This yoga clears imperfections and removes acne from your skin. You tend to drink more water after attending a class, which, in turn, moisturizes your skin and keeps you healthy and young.

Recommendations For Begging A Hot Yoga Class

A warm, air-conditioned environment makes your muscles relax and stretch, making Bikram Yoga postures easier for you. However, you should still be careful not to force your muscles too much. You may not feel it during the session due to the heat, but once you are out at a normal temperature, the pain in the muscles may appear.

Some of those who practice Hot Yoga for the first time often feel weak and dizzy when they take the class. So, you must hydrate properly before the practice. Also, you need to use a towel frequently to dry the sweat so that it is not impregnated in your clothes, making them heavier and stifling.

Now that you know all the benefits that hot yoga can give you… What do you expect to practice it? But, if you have already practised, please leave us a comment about your experience.
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Actions Inside Yama

1. Ahimsa – It implies non- violence, kindness and compassion for all living beings.
2. Satya – This is about prudence and honest communication in all its ways.
3. Asteya – It involves no stealing and, developing the ability to resist the desire for what does not belong to us.
4. Brahmacarya – This is about moderation in all our acts, renunciation and celibacy.
5. Aparigraha – This step consists in stop avarice, and cultivating generosity and service to others.

Niyama, the Second Limb

Afterwards, there comes Niyama. This is about personal observances. So, they are those controls that allow you a perfect relationship with your own inner world.

Actions Inside Niyama

1. Sauca. It is related to hygiene in terms of psycho-physical cleanliness and the environment where you have to live. It also involves yogic purification practices.
2. Santosa. This is the contentment of mind, serenity, or the faculty to feel comfortable with what you own and what you do not possess.
3. Tapas. This action is about austerity, discipline, and correct habits.
4. Svadhyaya. It is about personal and spiritual study and self-knowledge.
5. Isvarapranydhana. It means acceptance of your limits in front of God


benefits of yoga


In summary, Yama and Niyama are interrelated. So, they are dependent. The line between each of them is very thin. So, we do not know exactly where one begins and where the other ends.

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