10 Benefits of Yoga for the Body and Mind

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benefits of yoga for body and mind

Yoga achieves the integration of movement with breathing until they cease to be two separate entities and become one. Their practice becomes an extremely potent transformation agent that causes profound changes in our health. In fact, its use is seen as preventive or rehabilitative medicine.

Because it stimulates the metabolic and anabolic processes and improves the circulation of energy, oxygenating the body. When we talk about yoga, we cannot only refer to the physiological benefits (for example, increased flexibility, decreased muscle stiffness, etc.), but we have to mention the positive consequences. It produces in the mind, emotional well-being, and the brain.

Benefits of Yoga for the Body and Mind

Yoga is a practice that has been maintained for millenniums because, generation after generation, we’ve been able to verify that these benefits of yoga for the body and mind are true. So put a class in your calendar and start getting these benefits:

1. Improve Your Flexibility

During a yoga session, there are several postures known as asanas. Flexibility is key to being able to perform these asanas correctly. Think of any muscle in your body, and there is sure to be an asana to stretch or flex, so when practicing Yoga, you will notice how your elasticity improves.

2. Increases Concentration

Some students rely on the pills to study when exam time comes, and some people choose to bet on yoga. This ancestral practice has among its main benefits the increase in mental clarity. This is a key virtue when it comes to concentration.

3. Helps You Lose Weight

Although many people do not think of yoga as a slimming activity, the truth is that it can help you lose weight. How? The main thing is that yoga makes you more aware of your body (and that you should take care of it). That leads to a healthier lifestyle. Besides, some postures improve intestinal transit, and depending on the type of yoga, you will certainly sweat.

4. Improve Your Rest

There are yoga postures that help you sleep better. We have, for example, the Balasana stance, considering the stance of rest per excellence. There is also the so-called posture of the dead (Savasana), which is used to eliminate the worries of the day. This is why yoga is recommended for many patients suffering from sleep disorders.

5. Increase Your Inner Peace

No doubt that inner peace is what many people who begin to practice yoga are looking for. Yoga improves emotional control, which allows reaching a state of well-being and harmony.

6. Improves Breathing

One of the keys to yoga is breathing. Although it sounds weird, most of us don’t know how to breathe correctly. The majority of us have very shallow breathing, where we use only the upper part of our lungs when we should be using the lower part. With this in mind, one of the first things that are taught to a beginner in Yoga is to breathe properly. The benefits of good breathing are several, starting with a better transport of oxygen in the blood.

7. Eliminate Stress

Practicing a few minutes of yoga before going to bed is a good way to get rid of the tension accumulated throughout the day. This is something that has been proven, for example, in caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients, who is one of the groups of people most likely to suffer from chronic stress.

8. Improve Your Posture

The asanas, apart from flexibility, give us a better posture. Yoga is well known as an effective treatment for chronic back pain produced by poor posture.

9. Improves Marital Life

Studies have shown that yoga can improve satisfaction for both women and men.

10. Modify Your Genetics (for good)

This is one of the most amazing benefits of yoga. According to several studies based on DNA tests, the practice of yoga and meditation techniques modifies the expression of our genes. The effects of these modifications are positive. For example, the delay of cellular aging or the increase in insulin production.


benefits of yoga


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