Get Deep Relaxation With 3 Yoga Nidra Scripts

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Get Deep Relaxation With 3 Yoga Nidra Scripts

During the practice of yoga, Nidra’s consciousness fluctuates between the states of introversion and extroversion. It swings sometimes to the outside world through the senses while in others it slides into the sphere of sleep. Little by little consciousness tends to stabilize, but to achieve it fully requires a prolonged and systematic practice. Then, when the Nidra state (the border between the alpha and theta waves) is reached, the mind becomes more receptive.

The consciousness is operating in a space where it can contact the subconscious and unconscious dimensions. So, this is of great importance because it allows us to discover and awaken the immense potential that lies dormant in the deep levels of the mind. There are hidden solutions to all our problems and conflicts.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra

• Deep skeletal-muscular relaxation, removal of blockages, and physical pain.
• Balance of the nervous system and increase the production of endorphins, the hormones of happiness, and on the other hand lower levels of immunosuppressants, noradrenaline and cortisol.
• Reduction of the rhythm of our brain waves and harmonization of the two hemispheres.
• Stress relief, depression, anxiety, insomnia, headache, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, hypertension.
• One hour of yoga Nidra practice equals four hours of natural sleep.
• Development and use of the non-analytical mind for personal growth purposes.
• Mental reprogramming and proposal of objectives.
• Increased learning capabilities, memory, intuition, and creativity.
• Spontaneous manifestation of our inner potential and our resources.
• Cleansing of the subconscious and limiting memories.
• Lucidity to deal with conflicting situations.
• Deep meditative states.
• Expansion of altered states of mind.
• Integral harmonization.

Yoga Nidra Script

1 hour of yoga Nidra equates to 4 hours of deep sleep. Then, to achieve this total relaxation of body and mind, the yoga instructor will guide you through a yoga Nidra script to that level of calm you need. Here we present 3 yoga Nidra scripts that will make you sleep like a baby.

Yoga Nidra Script 1: Ideal for Doing with Your Children

The whole process of the yoga Nidra script should take about 10-15 minutes. It’s appropriate for kids of all ages. Feel free to substitute your own words so it feels authentic.

1. The Set Up

Begin the yoga Nidra script, by having them lie down in a comfortable, quiet environment. Ask them to “keep your eyes closed and follow the sound of my voice.”

2. Breathing

Instruct them to “breathe in and out through your nose like you are blowing up a balloon in your belly.”

3. Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Ask them to “relax every muscle in your body by squeezing and releasing them.” Then lead them through the relaxation, focusing on each muscle in turn, like this: “Tighten your hands as much as you can, tighter, tighter … and now release. Now tighten your shoulders as much as you can, tighter, tighter … and now release.”

4. Counting Breaths 40-1

In a soothing voice, ask them to “breathe in while mentally saying the number ‘40’ in your head, then breathe out and mentally say the number ‘39’ in your head. The next inhale is ‘38,’ and the next exhale is ‘37.’ Keep counting backward all the way down to ‘1.’ If you lose count, begin again at ‘40.’”

Say positive, encouraging things to them, such as, “There’s no need to rush. Don’t get frustrated if you miss a number. Be friendly to your mind if it wants to fall asleep or forgets to count. Take a break and begin counting again when you hear my voice.”

5. Revolving Awareness

In a soothing voice, guide them on a full-body tour. Pause for 3–5 seconds between naming each part of their body.

6. Expanding the Light

Now instruct them to share the wonderful light in their hearts. “Think of all the people in the world that you love, and imagine sending them the golden light that you have pouring through your heart. Your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, your friends, your teachers, everyone you know. Now think of all the people in the world who could use some extra light in their lives, and send it to them. Now imagine all of the world sending light back to you while you send it to them.”

7. Closing with a Breath

“Now breathe into your belly and feel that light moving out and coming in. Feel your belly ballooning out and in. You are wonderful and special and the world needs your light. Slowly roll to your side, and take your time to sit up.”

Yoga Nidra Script 2

Stage 1. Prepare for Meditation

Bring your attention to the world around you. Listen to the sounds outside the room. Listen to the sounds inside the room. Allow yourself a moment to become aware of all sensations around you: sounds, smells, temperature. Visualize your own body resting on the floor, and become aware of your own physical presence.

Stage 2. Find Safe Haven

Move inward for a moment and see if you can discover a place of haven within. A place where you feel secure loved, and calm. Perhaps there is a person or a certain place that helps accentuate this feeling of safety and well-being. Spend a moment visualizing this place and know that you may return to it at any time during this practice, or indeed at any time during your life when you need it.

Stage 3. Body Awareness

And now bring your awareness back to your body on the floor. Keep as still as possible without building up any stress and notice each part of your body as it is mentioned. Notice if you find this practice easy or difficult. Notice if any specific parts of your body are more difficult to sense. Since the entirety of your body all at the same time. Feel your entire physical presence.

Bring your awareness now to your breath. Feel the breath entering the body through your nostrils, Follow the breath as it moves into the chest and abdomen. So, follow the breath as it moves from the abdomen to the chest and back through the nostrils. Feel enlivened by the inhale and relaxed by the exhale. Then, Feel each breath as energy, and count your breaths up to 12, and then back down again.

Stage 4. Welcome Your Feelings

Without judging or trying to change anything, acknowledge any feelings and emotions that are currently present within you. If you notice something specific, like tension, for example, acknowledge how that feels. Now try to imagine the opposite feeling or emotion.

Stage 5. Witnessing Thoughts

Come back to your breath for a moment. Now notice any thoughts, memories, or images that might arise, being totally nonjudgmental about whatever comes up for you. Perhaps you notice a belief or a judgment about this practice, notice that, and then try to notice the opposite of this thought. Also somewhere within your consciousness and now visualize this series of images in your mind, one image after the other (paired opposites).

Stage 6. Find Joy or Bliss or a Spiritual Centre

Bring to mind a memory that holds great joy and peace for you. Then, linger here, imagining and remembering all the details of this memory.

Stage 7. Reflect on the Practice

Reflect on how this practice has made you feel. Remember and repeat your original affirmation or Intention. Then, begin to move outward again, becoming aware of body and breath. Also, become aware of the room around you. So, in your own time, begin to move away from your practice, moving your body, changing positions, stretching, etc.

Yoga Nidra Script 3

1. Entry

Let your body sink into the floor. Get comfortable. Shift and move a little to let your body settle deeper into the ground. So, be comforted that at this time, everything is ok. So, nothing else matters right now. Everything is okay. Nowhere to go and nothing to do. Then, here you are to simply feel your body and listen.

Do not worry or become agitated if you do not hear everything I say. It is natural to flow in and out of conscious hearing. The deepest part of you, your core self, is always listening. Whatever you experience today, this practice will still work. So, there is no way to do this wrong.
You are in a safe environment, a protected space held space. Then, come into stillness now and remain still, for deep rest, and deep nourishment, feel your natural breath and breathe flowing through allowing your bones to become heavy. So, feel your bones heavy and sinking into the earth. Then, release your bones heavy and feel them sinking.

2. Sankalpa

Go deep inside now. Deep inside notice your heart’s deepest longing. What does your heart desire? Create a Sankalpa, an intention affirmation based on your heart’s longing a positive statement in the present tense, as though it’s already happening. So, for example, “I flow through life with ease and peace I am relaxed”. Then, come up with your own intention/Sankalpa state it three times as though it is already happening.

3. Body Scan

Allow your awareness to travel through your body now on a journey of sensation. Simply feel each part as it is mentioned, and without moving, remain still. Welcome all sensation, just as it is. Then, begin with the mouth, feel your mouth, and feel the sensation in your mouth.

Also, feel your jaw, lips, upper lip, and lower lip, notice where the lips touch, feel the inside of the mouth, roof, under the tongue, upper teeth and gums, lower teeth and gums, tongue, the root of the tongue, the centre of the tongue, tip, notice the sense of taste in the mouth. So, feel the left inner cheek and right inner cheek. Then, feel all the parts together now as a whole, feel your mouth as sensation, as energy, as radiant vibration.

4. Breath and Prana Awareness

Begin to notice your breath. Your natural breath flows thru you. Feel the in-breath; note the out-breath. So, as you exhale, imagine a wave passing downward thru your body, carrying away tensions. As you inhale, a fresh wave flows upward thru your whole body, bringing a sense of calm to every cell. Then, exhale, the wave flowing downward thru your body carries away fears. Also, inhaling fresh waves upward brings serenity. So, we hope that with this yoga Nidra script, you can fall asleep and rest as you deserve.


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