Aerial Yoga: Its Importance & Benefits

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Aerial Yoga

Allows to challenge the laws of gravity and perform an endless number of stretches and movements to reach deeper muscles and achieve results that other workout routines are not able to offer.

This Aerial Yoga mode was created by Michelle Dortignac, an instructor of Vinyasa yoga and an equilibrist who decided to merge her two specialities to create this hybrid. The union of both worlds was born in 2006 the Unnata.

In Spain, Rafael Martínez has fused the benefits of yoga with those of Ayurveda to give rise to a technique that, applied to the swing has enormous anti-ageing qualities, allows toning all the muscles and rejuvenates the body and mind.

This method is also suitable for rehabilitation since benefits can be obtained much faster, combating chronic ailments (back pain, joints, etc) and even dealing with emotional problems.

In the spectacular Aerial Yoga classes, swings have used that hang from the ceiling and support the body. Zero gravity allows total freedom of movement and relieves pressure on the neck and head. In addition, it favours deeper stretches and improves flexibility.

What is Aerial Yoga?

Using a hammock or soft fabric swing hanging from the ceiling, you can explore new and traditional asanas, with the body totally or partially supported by the fabric. The swing and its structure can support up to 300 kg of weight.

Aerial Yoga uses the body’s own weight as a tool to enhance strength, elasticity, body awareness and physical growth. Throughout the learning of the technique, the first classes are divided into positions in which the body is in contact with the ground, and only a part in weightlessness.

In classes of an intermediate level, it is followed by aerial positions close to the ground, and in contact with the ground. This level usually achieves good toning and defining of the muscles, postural correction, greater flexibility of the spine and joints, and greater relaxation. Later, at a more advanced level, you work entirely in the air. So, you would be able to adopt more acrobatic, creative and stimulating postures. Increase toning, flexibility, relaxation and body awareness are achieved.

Besides the swing, additional elements such as dumbbells, elastic bands, extenders, softballs or small balls are used. Also, in the last phase of the classes, hot stones and aromatherapy finish in a state of deep relaxation.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

One of the most immediate benefits is the fun from the day you debut on the swing. The classes take place in a pleasant atmosphere and in a good mood, which releases endorphins, while you begin to acquire strength and flexibility quickly.

In general terms, it can be said that it improves public health thanks to physical work. But also, improves the postural correction and the internal stimulation of the organism through the inverted postures.

Other Benefits are:

• Increases flexibility of muscles and joints.
• Strengthens the muscle centre as well as most muscle groups.
• Model the body by improving the figure.
• Strengthens joints preventing injuries.
• It can be very useful in the rehabilitation of joints and muscles.
• Reactivates circulation and breathing thanks to low-impact cardiovascular work.
• Contributes to the drainage of the lymphatic and circulatory systems, combating fluid retention and cellulite.
• Improves balance and body and postural awareness.
• Calms, relaxes, clears the mind, fights stress and anxiety and improves overall mood.
• Have fun during the run, while increasing self-confidence and self-esteem.
• It is an excellent activity complementary to aerobic exercise like running, swimming, cycling, tennis or working out in the gym.

Aerial Yoga Today

Aerial Yoga classes free the mind and body from stress. Also, segregate endorphins and turn out to be more than just fun. The body gradually adapts to the aerial situation and gains strength quickly.

Aerial Yoga also improves posture and is completely zen ending thanks to a final relaxation of Yoga Nidra of about 10 minutes. So, it uses therapies with gemstones, aromas and techniques of passive lymphatic drainage. Then, this is 100% beneficial and with slimming properties, thanks to the detoxification that causes the inverted postures.


aerial yoga


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