Are you expecting a baby? Well, congratulations! You might be going through a mix of emotions. You might be overwhelmed and scared at the same time, isn’t it? Nothing can be compared with the feeling that you are having while growing a life inside you. You will always experience constant mood swings and hormonal changes.

If you want to be fit while taking care of your baby, yoga is a perfect solution to stay healthy and fit while making a bond with your baby internally. Yoga can help you keep your muscles intact, maintain balance, and improve blood circulation during pregnancy. It is medically proven that yoga can help to cure a majority of ailments. Doing yoga before, during, and after pregnancy can improve sleep, reduce stress, decrease anxiety, increase strength and flexibility in your body.

During pregnancy, your body goes through a lot of changes. Some changes are expected, and some are unexpected. So it would be best if you had special care on this journey of yours. You need to take all the essential vitamins. Similarly, yoga is also essential as it plays a vital role during your pregnancy. If you are fit and healthy, it will be great for you and your baby as well.

In the early days of motherhood, you go through a lot of emotional and physical changes in your body. Yoga will prepare you to face all such changes and challenges during pregnancy and during giving birth to a baby.


Prenatal Yoga – The Perfect Yoga For Pregnancy

Studies suggest that Prenatal Yoga is best during Pregnancy. First, we need to understand what Prenatal Yoga is?

Yoga means “to yolk”. Yoga is practised to connect your mind and body. Yoga involves so many different practices like physical exercises, breathing, and mantra chanting.

Prenatal Yoga focuses on gentle movements of the body, building strength, improving breathing, and meditation. It is typically designed for pregnant women. It involves various positions and postures that are suitable for pregnant women. The exercises are completely safe for the body. It also helps to ease the discomforts that occur during pregnancy and keeps you stress-free.

Prenatal Yoga can also improves labour pain. This type of yoga involves slower movements of your body as compared to other types of yoga. It will encourage you to put less pressure on your back, use extra props for support, and gentle twists and backbends. Prenatal Yoga can also cure lower back pain and nausea. It also improves your sleep and prevents pregnancy symptoms like constipation, back pain, swelling, bloating, and fatigue. With pregnancy occurs joint and bone problems which causes discomfort. That is where prenatal yoga helps you to get rid of all such problems.


What Does Prenatal Yoga Involve?

In Prenatal Yoga, you will be encouraged to use props like blocks, wedges, blankets, etc., for the proper alignment of your body.

  • Introduction- Firstly, the yoga gurus want to know the previous history of your pains and aches and which body part you want to focus on more. You will see the experiences of other moms there as well. You will get to have a conversation with other moms to know about their pregnancy experiences which include hopes, dreams, worries, etc. And how they started doing yoga, and it has helped them during their pregnancy.
  • Short Period To Relax- Like any other yoga, Prenatal Yoga also starts with a short rest period. It then focuses on the exercises that will help you during labour pain.
  • Warmup- Warmup is essential in every physical exercise as it is done to prepare your body for that exercise. You will slowly need to move your body to get your muscles and joints ready.
  • Standing Vinyasa- A Vinyasa flow involves pelvic floor and abdominal movements followed by chest and hip opening poses. It also includes deep breathing, not just normal breathing. Vinyasa Yoga poses are more modified, keeping in mind the safety of you and your child.
  • Gentle Stretching- The yoga gurus will let you perform specific stretches to make muscle strength. You will feel more active and relaxed after doing the stretches.
  • Modified Savasana- Savasana includes lying on your back and keeping your eyes closed. It will keep you relaxed after a long and tiring workout session. The poses and the props to be used will depend upon the stage of your pregnancy. Props like bolster and blankets are used for support. You will need to hold your position for 5-7 minutes. This pose will provide you with complete relaxation to your mind and body.


Benefits Of Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga is very beneficial for mothers and their growing babies. Yoga improves your mental and physical well being, and it gives you inner peace. Yoga is much more than building strength and flexibility. Practising yoga with the help of an experienced yoga teacher will help you get rid of common pregnancy problems. It is the best choice for all women looking for mental and physical fitness, and it is entirely safe and effective.

Let’s take a look at some significant benefits of yoga during pregnancy-

  • Improves Sleep– Good quality sleep is essential for a mother and her baby. Getting a good night sleep can become a battle during pregnancy. Yoga helps to improve sleep during pregnancy. The inability to sleep can cause many problems in pregnancy. Yoga involves various poses that will relax your mind and body and give you a better quality sleep. Generally, women during their pregnancy find discomfort and aches while sleeping. But research has shown that women who practice yoga and meditation during their pregnancy can sleep early without any disturbances and discomfort. Yoga involves various postures and mindfulness techniques such as meditation, breathing, and relaxation to get better results. You can incorporate yoga into your bedtime routine to have a better sleep. However, it can be performed during the day and in the early morning as well.
  • Less Pain In Labor– For some women giving birth to a child is a blissful experience, but for some, labour pain is the biggest concern while giving birth to a baby. No one can understand that pain other than the only one who is going through it. Studies suggest that women who do yoga regularly experience less pain comparatively at the time of labour, and the process becomes comparatively easy for them. Yoga also helps you in preparing your mind and body for labour. You will have a balanced state of mind and get rid of unwanted tension and stress, which is not suitable for your baby. If your stress level is increased, there is an excellent chance of miscarriage and preterm birth. Women who do one hour of yoga every day have less chance of hypertension and stress.
  • Builds Stamina And Strength– Yoga is a form of exercise that builds strength and stamina. During the growing stage of your body, you go through many physical, emotional, and hormonal changes. You need a lot of stamina and strength to carry weights. Yoga strengthens your arms, hips, back, and shoulder. There are various asanas like tadasana, parvatasana, and bhadrasana, etc., that proves to be very helpful during pregnancy. These asanas ensure to build of strength to the muscles that will support the growing abdomen, reduces pain and make you prepare for labour.
  • Improves Breathing– Prenatal Yoga focuses on slow and deep breathing through your nose. Breathing helps to clear the mind. It also helps you to concentrate better on things. During pregnancy, as your baby bump grows, it puts pressure on your lower lungs, which results in shortness of breath. Yoga helps to manage the shortness of breath in all stages of pregnancy. It can also help you in labour, keeping you calm. It also helps open and stretches the cervix and prepare you to give birth to your child.
  • Lower Blood Pressure– Yoga helps you to keep your heart rate and blood pressure lower during pregnancy.
  • Reduces Stress And Anxiety– Yoga teaches us different techniques of breathing and meditation that helps pregnant women in reducing stress and anxiety. When you are expecting a baby, things can get stressful sometimes, so knowing the proper techniques to reduce such stress and anxiety can be helpful for both the mother and the baby. Excessive stress can impact the mother and the baby. Studies have shown that immediate stress reduction is possible with the help of a powerful tool called yoga. Yoga cultivates positivity and keeps you happy and calm.
  • Boost Immune Function– The salivary cortisol and immunoglobulin levels are the indicators of stress and immune function. Women who do yoga regularly have lower cortisol levels and improved immune function. Instead of all those multivitamins, you can try a natural way to boost your immunity through yoga.
  • Maintains Equilibrium– When the fetus grows in the womb, the centre of gravity changes. When there are sudden changes in progesterone and estrogen levels, it leaves you emotionally vulnerable. The pranayamas will help you to focus on your breathing and to maintain your equilibrium. It would be best if you practised anulom-vilom for better results.
  • Reduces Back Pain During Pregnancy– During pregnancy, lower back pain is widespread. There is at least 50 per cent of women suffer from back pain during pregnancy. It can cause you numerous problems like weight gain, and excessive anterior pelvic tilt, etc. Yoga involves exercises that help to reduce pregnancy-related back pain. It is always advised to do yoga under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher because they know the necessary modifications that need to be done to your yoga poses. Various yoga poses like Goumukhasana, and parvatasana, etc., are recommended to reduce back pain.

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